Sharps safety

Sharp safe

Curriculum linked for ages 5 - 12

This Health Safety activity pack teaches students important risks related to sharps (Needles and Syringes).

AR Scenario

Bella is walking in the playground while Ruby plays on the roundabout. Bella notices the sharp on the ground. It's a needle and syringe.

What is the safest thing Bella should do?

Learning Outcomes

  1. How to respond to inappropriately discarded needles in the community.
  2. Leaving the needle/syringe alone is dangerous for others.
  3. If no adult is available then remember where the needle and syringe is can be an option, providing you tell others nearby where it is, while getting an adult.
  4. Adults can put the needle into a puncture proof container, with a screw top lid, and put it in the bin.
  5. Pharmacies and other health services that accept used sharps, may provide sharps disposal containers, or another option is to locate a sharps disposal unit in a nearby public toilet block.
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