Walk or Ride

Curriculum linked for ages 7- 11

Part of the road safety augmented reality lesson-pack, this lesson teaches students in the 7-11 age group important safety rules relating to cycling and pedestrian crossings.

AR Scenario

Bella is riding her bike and stops at an intersection controlled by traffic lights. She pushes the "push to walk" button on the pole and waits for the green man light.

Students need to make a decision about whether Bella should risde her bike across the road or get off her bike and walk it across.

Learning Objectives

  1. A bicycle is a legal road vehicle. Cyclist must follow road rules.
  2. A cyclist must not ride their bike while crossing a road.
  3. A cyclist must dismount and walk their bike across a road.
  4. Some controlled crossings have special bicycle crossing lights.
  5. Where 'green bicycle' lights are displayed cyclist can ride across the road.
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