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Driveway safety

Driveway safe

Curriculum linked for ages 5- 12

This Driveway safe activity pack teaches students important risks related to driveways with cars.

AR Scenario

An unsupervised child (Ruby) is bouncing a ball in a yard area directly in front of a house door. A car is in front of the garage sitting with reverse lights on and exhaust coming from pipe. Ruby drops the ball which rolls onto the drive behind the car, Ruby runs onto the drive to pick up ball; she then walks back to her original place and starts bouncing the ball again.

This really isn’t safe. What could happen to make it safer?

Learning Objectives

  1. Driveways should be separated from play areas by a barrier.
  2. Children should be supervised at all times when a vehicle is moving in the driveway.
  3. Drivers should look around their vehicle before getting in to leave.
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