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Footpath safety

Footpath Safe

Curriculum linked for ages 5 - 12

This Footpath Safety activity pack teaches students important risks related to cyclists passing a driveway.

AR Scenario

Bella is riding along footpath left towards a driveway. Mel is in her car in the driveway with reverse lights on and exhaust coming from pipe and the sound of an engine running:

There's an hedge obscuring the front of the house and blocking Bella's line of sight to the vehicle in the driveway;
There's a car driving on the road coming up behind the child
"Bella is coming up on the driveway. What should she do?"

Learning Objectives

  1. Always look and listen for vehicles reversing from driveways when cycling.
  2. Cyclist should never try and swerve around a reversing vehicle but stop instead.
  3. When cycling on the footpath you have right of way over reversing vehicles, but always stop if in doubt.
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